Tuesday, December 12, 2023

What Can Chiropractic do for YOU?

Your spine is your lifeline, the communication highway between the BRAIN and the BODY

Your spine - protects the spinal cord and nerves, supports your organ systems and allows for every day movement.

Strength, alignment, flexibility are KEY for everyday life and longevity. There is a DIRECT correlation between how well your spine/backbones function and how YOU function.

Whether that means feeling good, better mobility, etc

. The BODY is wonderfully created!

WE are meant to live with ease and comfort.

However, unfortunately, the body (physical matter) is under daily assault from STRESS which causes misalignments. (subluxations)

Consistent Adjustments help boost NERVE power which helps your entire body WORK better


It can ... ----> Boost Immunity ----->Increase Flexibility -----> Increase Energy -----> May help you sleep better -----> Help regulate digestion -----> Lower stress levels -----> Balance body chemistry -----> Help you think clearer -----> May help with a better mood -----> Strengthen intrinsic muscles that help with balance and coordination -----> Boost brain power! Chiropractic keeps the nerve system working better, helps you adapt to an environment that is always changing, and builds the INTERNAL resistance of the body Adjustments = LIFE! Dr. Scott #docscottgvl

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Invest in Yourself too!

Investment: the time, energy, or matter spent in the hope of future benefits What is your most important Investment? YOU!
We show up for the people we love and what's important in our life when we are functioning the at our best (physically, mentally).

But what about the kids?

Investing in yourself will only make YOU better for your kids, your partner and any other responsibilities you have... and of course I am not talking about neglecting your family in pursuit of your own gain.
However, we don't think twice about investing in retirement, the car, the house, hobbies, vacations, etc.

You can have (2) two cars, a house, a boat but we only have ONE body -- that cannot be replaced.

Anything that can be done to make the body stronger is an investment in EVERY part of your life.

The strength of your body affects your family, community, church, career, etc. Even just 10 minutes a day can make a huge difference in the quality of your life. Getting checked and adjusted is a powerful long term investment that quietly pays us back BIG! over time.

Chiropractic keeps the nerve system working better, helps you adapt to an environment that is always changing, and builds the INTERNAL resistance of the body Adjustments = LIFE! Dr. Scott #docscottgvl

Friday, September 15, 2023

Five (5) Reason for Weekly Spinal Checks and Adjustments

Five (5 ) reasons why I recommend weekly care. The more consistent we are with anything the bigger the reward! Timpanellichiropractic.com

1. Brain Body Connection The Brain is a HUGE power generator... sending LIFE through the spinal cord protected by those bumps in your back. Keeping the nerve channels as open as possible helps keep the connection CLEAR and allows for a steady flow of this LIFE giving energy and information.

2. Your Body has a HUGE potential to function better on all levels. Every Organ system (cardiovascular, digestive..etc) is directly and indirectly related to your spine! A spine w less interference means better function whether you feel it or not.

3. Less Nerve Tension, less stress Less nerve tension means a - BETTER - flow of information, energy, etc.. And let's not forget that means LESS tension in your muscles, tendons and ligaments!!

4 Better, or improved overall Alignment. With weekly adjustments you simply walk around for longer periods of time with better alignment which may lead to improved posture, range of motion, less pain in general, improved overall well being.

5 Get The EDGE!

You simply get the edge.. meaning staying Subluxation Free (alignment) for longer periods of time allows your Nerve system to do what its suppose to do with less interference.
Let's face it, stress is part of life and MOST stress is NOT felt or seen. Adjustments = LIFE! Dr. Scott

Monday, June 19, 2023

Got Tension? Conisistency = Strength

Tension: Mental or Emotional Strain, a state of being stretched tight.

Got Tension? Who doesn't!

It's part of life..

Here is an analogy. . . think of spinal misalignments( vertebral subluxations) as AREAS of tension in your spine.....

Most of this you will not feel and cannot feel.

These areas of spinal tension are causing interference in the body's nerve system or communication system. Sure, you can live with it, however... the quality of your life will take a hit in some way. The adjustment helps to correct this tension (subluxation). . . allowing YOU to function as best as possible! And remember..

We are always progressing!

Either forward or backward. If I consistently eat fast food and don't move much.. I may progress backward toward (weaker)

If I consistently watch what I eat, move well, rest well. ... I will make progress, even if its not noticeable.(stronger)

It's the same with adjustment.

Consistently keeping the spine clear of nerve interference (Subluxation) and getting adjusted weekly or at least a few times a month =>builds strength in the body! . . . .And strength builds resilience, and resilience keeps us - bouncing back from the challenges we face on a daily basis.

Adjustments = LIFE!

Thursday, June 08, 2023

Structure affects Function

Would you play softball with a tennis racket?

Is there a difference between $20 shoes and $200 shoes?

Yes to both!

Because structure affects function! There is a huge difference between $20 shoes and $200 shoes - quality, how comfortable they are, how long they last, etc.... We can find examples everywhere.
It's the same with us.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qrwafJKZeY Our bodies are naturally designed for performance and health. Your heart is designed to pump blood ... your lungs are built to inhale oxygen... your stomach is used to hold food and start the digesting process... your shoulders are different then your hips...etc. etc.

And let's not forget the spine! The bones of the back are set up to PROTECT your nerve system. Your nerve system controls and coordinates every single function in the body directly and indirectly. Your ability to digest food, fight infection, make blood cells, make hormones are depended on the nerve system!!

A vertebral subluxation (spinal misalignments) is a change in structure of the spine that affects the function of the nerve system. It causes altered spinal biomechanics, abnormal body function, it drains energy, and causes many other problems.

The only thing left is to determine how long you are willing to tolerate this altered function for yourself, your friends, and loved ones.

The goal of regular chiropractic care is to restore normal alignment and function in the spine allowing you to function at your best.!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Got Life - Get Adjusted!

(From my colleague Todd Galley, D.C,)

The power/intelligence/wisdom that created your body is the only thing that is able to heal your body (and also happens to be the very thing that keeps you alive!)   
We are each blessed with a gift of LIFE: which is an innate ability to continually assimilate and regenerate ourselves.  Messages in the form of mental impulses leave our brain and travel down our spinal cord to all the different parts of our body.   
                                   You And Your Smart Phone
        ** go to timpanellichiropractic.com for more info!

IF the message gets to where it is going, uninterrupted, then our body acts as it should.  This is LIFE.  If, for any reason, the message does not arrive where it should, when it should, or how it should, our body can not act as it should (ie. it experiences a lack of LIFE.)  

One of the primary causes of nerve interference is called a subluxation."  Subluxation is a fancy word for a spinal bone putting pressure on a nerve and interfering with the expression of LIFE.   
Chiropractors adjust subluxations, removing nerve interference, thereby allowing the body to act as it should, and heal as it should, and perform as it should.   
When you don't have 100% nerve flow it is impossible to have 100% function. Without 100% function, you can't have 100% LIFE (since the expression of LIFE is what we are all about as human beings we want to maximize all times, right?)   

The expression of LIFE throughout our bodies is what allows us to heal wounds, assimilate food, build muscle, ride bikes, think clearly, fight infections, laugh at funny things, and EVERYTHING else that keeps us alive and allows us to experience being human.   

In a nutshell: LIFE is good...  this simple concept is WHY we feel ALL people would benefit from having their spines checked for subluxations thus WHY we offer a 'membership' practice- offering everyone (especially kids) the chance to be adjusted regularly for a fee that we KNOW everyone can afford. 
That's LIFE.  It's pretty good.  We'll see you soon.