Monday, June 19, 2023

Got Tension? Conisistency = Strength

Tension: Mental or Emotional Strain, a state of being stretched tight.

Got Tension? Who doesn't!

It's part of life..

Here is an analogy. . . think of spinal misalignments( vertebral subluxations) as AREAS of tension in your spine.....

Most of this you will not feel and cannot feel.

These areas of spinal tension are causing interference in the body's nerve system or communication system. Sure, you can live with it, however... the quality of your life will take a hit in some way. The adjustment helps to correct this tension (subluxation). . . allowing YOU to function as best as possible! And remember..

We are always progressing!

Either forward or backward. If I consistently eat fast food and don't move much.. I may progress backward toward (weaker)

If I consistently watch what I eat, move well, rest well. ... I will make progress, even if its not noticeable.(stronger)

It's the same with adjustment.

Consistently keeping the spine clear of nerve interference (Subluxation) and getting adjusted weekly or at least a few times a month =>builds strength in the body! . . . .And strength builds resilience, and resilience keeps us - bouncing back from the challenges we face on a daily basis.

Adjustments = LIFE!

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