Friday, September 15, 2023

Five (5) Reason for Weekly Spinal Checks and Adjustments

Five (5 ) reasons why I recommend weekly care. The more consistent we are with anything the bigger the reward!

1. Brain Body Connection The Brain is a HUGE power generator... sending LIFE through the spinal cord protected by those bumps in your back. Keeping the nerve channels as open as possible helps keep the connection CLEAR and allows for a steady flow of this LIFE giving energy and information.

2. Your Body has a HUGE potential to function better on all levels. Every Organ system (cardiovascular, digestive..etc) is directly and indirectly related to your spine! A spine w less interference means better function whether you feel it or not.

3. Less Nerve Tension, less stress Less nerve tension means a - BETTER - flow of information, energy, etc.. And let's not forget that means LESS tension in your muscles, tendons and ligaments!!

4 Better, or improved overall Alignment. With weekly adjustments you simply walk around for longer periods of time with better alignment which may lead to improved posture, range of motion, less pain in general, improved overall well being.

5 Get The EDGE!

You simply get the edge.. meaning staying Subluxation Free (alignment) for longer periods of time allows your Nerve system to do what its suppose to do with less interference.
Let's face it, stress is part of life and MOST stress is NOT felt or seen. Adjustments = LIFE! Dr. Scott

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